Charles de Carvalho da Silva Cruz collected 112.6kgunderlined
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Rio de janeiro, Brazil 18.12.2023
Duferco, thanks to the campaign Bolletta Blu, contributed to 12% of this catch, recovering the equivalent of
1.400 bottles
Thanks to
Charles de Carvalho da Silva Cruz
Charles is 36 years old, he is married and has 4 children. He has been fishing since he was 10 years old and takes great pride in being able to protect his ocean.
25 Years of experience
Sails on the Quero Mamãe
underlined0kg collected so far
Rio de janeiro, Brazil
bi curva
Who operates in...
Rio de janeiro
Here, together with Charles are active 0 fishermen.
Ogyre puts local fishing communities at the center by providing equipment, logistics and compensation to contribute together to the concrete protection of the seas.

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