I Wayan Budi collected 23kgunderlined
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Bali - benoa, Indonesia 16.10.2023
Duferco, thanks to the campaign Bolletta Blu, contributed to 100% of this catch, recovering the equivalent of
2.300 bottles
Thanks to
I Wayan Budi
I Wayan
I Wayan Budi is 50 years old and lives in Denpasar. He is married to Ni Made Erniasih and has one son. He recently discovered KUB Segara Guna Batu Lumbang, in fact he only joined the fishing community in 2018, even though he has been a fishing passionate since childhood. In addition to being a fisherman, he also sells fruit.
5 Years of experience
Sails on the Batu Lumbang
underlined0kg collected so far
Bali - benoa, Indonesia
bi curva
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Bali - benoa
Here, together with I Wayan are active 0 fishermen.
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