Pedro Machado collected 220.46kgunderlined
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Rio de janeiro, Brazil 10.10.2023
Duferco, thanks to the campaign Bolletta Blu, contributed to 45% of this catch, recovering the equivalent of
10.000 bottles
Thanks to
Pedro Machado
Pedro is 50 years old, he’s been a fisherman for 30 years. He has a son and he’s married. In his spare time, he likes to do construction work and go fishing. He thinks that the project is benefiting fishermen with their day-to-day expenses. It is bringing only good things and they’re helping to clean up their “backyard”.
10 Years of experience
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Rio de janeiro, Brazil
bi curva
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Rio de janeiro
Here, together with Pedro are active 0 fishermen.
Ogyre puts local fishing communities at the center by providing equipment, logistics and compensation to contribute together to the concrete protection of the seas.

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